Our guests this Sunday 3.19.2017

Frank Jorge ...Why Americans are not a free people in the United States,
why we have lost our nation and what must be done to reclaim it....

Ruined...Maury Jones was ruined by the Internal Revenue Service ...you could be next

Immigration Hardliner Returns...An Interview With Joe Turner
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Welfare for "Immigrants"
The Ladies of March 4 Trump Las Vegas
Tucker Carlson Debates Jorge Ramos On Immigration, Border Wall, and Mexico (03/08/17)
Tucker Carlson Interviews Paul Ryan on Obamacare Replacement (03/08/17)
President Trump has excluded DACA from the chopping block...Why ? He said he would rescind all these OBama "laws" and decrees.
Paul "Rat" Ryan Will Not Do anything about DACA...and it looks like Trump won't either!
Joseph Turner Returns!
The founder of Save Our State California
Checks in and says hello
as part of our 3.19.2017 show!
Ruined!...The IRS ruined Jonesy...they can do the same to you...Jonesy tells us how it happened, what they did to him, on our 3.19.2017 show.
Why does such a system of taxation even exist
as part of a society of "free" men?